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Black Bart : A famous pirate from Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

Bartholomew Roberts born 1682 near Fishguard was one of the most successful pirates in history, seizing over 400 ships in the Caribbean and off the coasts of Africa and Canada.

He was noted as being a very religious man and on the Sabath he would not permit any drinking, fighting, blaspheming or wenching. If pursueing a prize ship he would not engage in battle until the Monday.

His men respected and admired their captain, although being a strict disciplinarian. In return for his crew's loyalty Roberts paid them a generous share of the booty and he also showed leniency to the crew of the ships he captured, many taking up arms alongside Black Bart.

The name "Jolly Roger" is derived from the nickname "Le Jolie Rouge" given to Roberts because of his flamboyant attire, particularly his fondness of wearing a scarlet waistcoat when attacking and seizing gold laden ships.

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